Domestic Genocide

By Ivan Kilgore

By Ivan Kilgore


Author Ivan Kilgore takes you on a historic journey documenting American policies enacted against African Americans.

From the prosperous African American Oklahoma town, where he grew up to the 1949 housing act to the veteran’s administration funding act, to the poverty and unemployment that ravaged his hometown to his incarceration today.

In our exclusive interview with him, he documents in painful detail how he came to being forced to make the deadly decisions that ultimately had him facing incarceration or death.

Criminal Justice Reform Advocate

Jeffery Deskovic

Incarcerated as a 16-year-old teenager Jeffery Deskovic spent over a decade behind bars for a crime he did not commit. His ordeal has transformed him into a vigilant advocate for criminal justice reform.

In our interview with him, he goes into painful detail of the manipulative police officers that took advantage of his youth.

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Upcoming Interviews

Upcoming Interviews

Decaress Smith

Decaress Smith

Burglar turned to community man

Decaress Smith was a former career felon who spent over 20 years behind bars. Watch our interview with him as he goes into detail of life behind bars, federal vs state incarceration, and his incredible record of committing over 900 burglaries!

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