Poverty Problems And 900 Burglaries!

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Poverty Problems And 900 Burglaries! How do you spell success? Introducing Decaress Smith

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What would you say about a man who did three state bids?

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⦁ One for two-three years

⦁ one to two to four years

⦁ and one for 4 to 8 years?

Then after that did 17 to 20 years in a federal penitentiary? What would you say about this same person who lived through a time of great lust of the flesh in which he’s seen women do the most debased things to themselves for money, the characteristics of poverty, and other poverty problems?

What would you say about the same man who’s lived in and been through the industrial prison system? This same man who educated himself Behind Bars, and came out with a college degree, only to come face to face with constant unemployment from rejection over his past record and his introduction of poverty?

Then you would be talking about Decaress Smith. And the story of a man who’s lived through years of crime, depravity, incarceration, the absolute absence of total morality, questions about poverty, and other poverty problems to survive till this day to tell his tale.

During the late 90s African Americans were 49% of people arrested in America but only 13% of the population with 32% of the incarcerated. Young black males during this time had a 29% chance of being incarcerated. It was also during this time that from the late 70s to the late 90s African American males made up nearly 80% of the incarcerated population in the United States.

This came as a result of the so-called War on Drugs and other poverty problems during that time to address the crack epidemic that proliferated throughout the African American community in the country. The result was that the arrest rate of black people skyrocketed. Today however drug use amongst black people has dropped significantly only to be replaced by the opioids epidemic in the white community.

Yet the treatment of this epidemic is in stark contrast to the incarceration approach of black people during the crack epidemic. Decaress Smith lived through all of this. Witnessing stressed and depressed from first-hand experience friends, relatives, as well as himself the results of such nefarious activities during that time.

He tells his story in a series of interviews on The Hustlers Corner NYC. He pulls no punches, and he tells it like it is. The way it really happened, and the way it really went down, and the impact of trauma. Unfortunately, some of his dialogue during our interview with him became so graphic that we had no other choice but to edit it out.

Any attempt to include the graphic depictions of his experiences would have resulted in The Hustlers Corner NYC violating the code of ethics put forth by the YouTube Community. However, this series of interviews with Decaress Smith is necessary in order to address the question of how do you spell success?

The systematic social engineering of American subculture, depression, and urban blight, has resulted in the criminal stereotyping of African Americans. This is the reason why so many people look down upon black people in America thinking that their sole purpose is to commit some sort of criminal activity.

However, the acts that Mr. Smith did definitely come from the result of that social and systematic engineering by the United States. It forced him to make choices detrimental to his future by choosing to live a life of crime in order to survive. This social engineering is highlighted in another post called The Differential Association Theory and Domestic Genocide.

Based on the book by the same name. The historical references are laid out in a timeline of policies, institutions, and local initiatives put forth to deliberately depress the black community. Living through burglary, armed robbery, drug dealing, prostitution, and other poverty problems Decaress Smith felt that this was necessary for him to survive.

His system of burglary was highly sophisticated, not the normal run-of-the-mill breaking and entering. A carefully constructed series of steps lead him to gain entry into one house after another while the residents were not home. Over 900 burglaries were his total which spanned about 10 years.

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Amazingly he only went to jail for about 4 weeks for just one of those burglaries. While in prison he found himself subjected to an underbelly of subhuman existence. However, it was not only Mr. Smith’s Behavior that gave rise to a subculture in the African American community of kleptomaniacs. It was also a two-edged sword that revealed the massive amount of corruption in the American criminal justice system.

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